Press Release color codes: Int’l Research US Research Events Other
12/2010 Researching Cold War Relics in NYC PR1: main
12/2010 A.C. Frieden at Gala Event with Publisher PR2: main
12/2010 A.C. Frieden at Counter-Terrorism Seminar PR1: main
11/2010 Research in Los Angeles PR1: main
PR2: w/Ambassador
9/2010 Unmasking Cold War Secrets in Bulgaria PR1: main
9/2010 Investigating Romania’s Espionage Past PR1: main
9/2010 Researching NATO’s bombing of Belgrade PR1: Bombing
PR2: Scenes
5/2010 Historical Scenes in Central Mexico PR1: main
3/2010 Scenes for a Sequel in New Orleans PR1: main
1/2010 Research in Brazil and Uruguay PR1: main
10/2009 Research in Holland PR1: main
9/2009 Lifting the Veil on North Korea   PR1: Pyongyang
PR2: Kaesong/DMZ
9/2009 Finding Scenes in Beijing PR1: main
8/2009 Crime Scenes in Mexico PR1: main
8/2009 Investigating the Honduran Coup PR1: main
7/2009 Research in New York PR1: main
6/2009 Research in Croatia PR1: main
6/2009 Research in Northern Italy PR1: main
6/2009 Book Promo / Research in Switzerland PR1: main
5/2009 Research in Sweden and Denmark PR1: main
2/2009 Investigating Uruguayan Politics PR1: main (PR1 en español)
PR2: w/Sen. Gallinal
PR3: w/Dr. Lessa
12/2008 Research in Panama PR1: main
11/2008 Research in Morocco PR1: main
11/2008 Research in France PR1: main
10/2008 Research in Chile PR1: main
PR2: w/Matus
PR3: w/Ambassador
9/2008 Book Launch on Sep. 23 PR1: main
9/2008 Research in Philadelphia and New Jersey PR1: main
9/2008 Book Launch on Sep. 3 PR1: main
6/2008 Research in Vietnam PR1: main
5/2008 Scouring Vegas and Grand Canyon for Scenes PR1: main
4/2008 Research in Mexico PR1: main
2/2008 “Love is Murder” Conference PR1: main
1/2008 Research in Uruguay PR1: main
12/2007 Research in Argentina PR1: main
11/2007 Research in Bolivia PR1: main
11/2007 Research in Washington DC PR1: main
11/2007 Return to Post-Katrina New Orleans PR1: main
9/2007 Research in Poland PR1: main
8/2007 Research in Switzerland PR1: main
7/2007 Investigating Venezuela’s Political Scene PR1: main
PR2: w/Marksman
6/2007 Research in Mexico to be posted
3/2007 Reading at Twilight Tales PR1: main
1/2007 Reading Under the Influence Launch Event PR1: main
12/2006 “The Chicago Contingent” Author Holiday Party PR1: main
12/2006 Chicago Book Launch for Tranquility Denied PR1: main
12/2006 Frieden Meets NBA Star Thabo Sefolosha PR1: main
12/2006 Book Trailer Produced for Tranquility Denied PR1: main
12/2006 Columbia College Lecture on Book Marketing PR1: main
12/2006 Frieden Reads at Twilight Tales PR1: main
11/2006 Book Launch in Russia PR1: main
9/2006 Frieden Meets Swiss Ambassador to the U.S. PR1: main
6/2006 Frieden Returns to Acapulco with New Novel PR1: main
8/2004 Debut Novel Chicago Book Launch Event PR1: main
3/2004 Frieden Meets Author Hugo Loetscher PR1: main
1/2004 A.C. Frieden Featured Author at Chicago Spy Ball PR1: main
1/2004 Frieden Meets Author Peter Stobbe PR1: main
11/2002 A.C. Frieden Meets Oscar-Winning Director PR1: main
9/2002 Lecture on Literary Industry at Columbia College PR1: main
4/2002 Research and Writing in Rome, Italy PR1: main
10/2001 Visit to DC and Pentagon Crash Site PR1: main
9/2001 Frieden Meets Spy Novelist Peter Zeindler PR1: main
9/2001 Painter Margo Cuisinier Finishes Book Cover Art PR1: main
09/2001 Frieden travels with CSO to Switzerland PR1: main
04/1999 Research in West Africa for Debut Novel PR1: main
06/1998 Novel Research in Moscow PR1: main
05/1998 Return to New Orleans for Research PR1: main