Down, Out and Dead


Down, Out and Dead
ISBN-13: 1937495817
(Down & Out Books, 2014)

After three years and fifty-nine releases—some old, some new—Down & Out Books thought it was cause for a celebration. This crime fiction anthology is a sampling from twelve authors published by Down & Out Books. The contributions include six brand new stories, three excerpts from forthcoming novels and three previously published stories. The line-up of Down, Out and Dead is impressive—Anonymous-9, Trey R. Barker, Rob Brunet, Tom Crowley, Frank De Blase, Les Edgerton, A.C. Frieden, Jack Getze, David Housewright, Bill Moody, Gary Phillips and Robert J. Randisi.

A.C. Frieden’s short story, “The Rendezvous”, in Down, Out and Dead is an excerpt from his forthcoming spy thriller The Pyongyang Option, due out in spring 2015.

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